Your appointment with a medical specialist can cost you less than € 23


We offer the members of Simple Care a full range of medical services... at a fraction of our normal rates.





Would you like to save money?

  • As a member of Simple Care you pay a low annual membership fee... you only pay for treatment when you receive it.
  • Treatment rates are a fraction of the normal rates... savings up to 72%.
  • You control the investment in your healthcare.
  • Greater value & no more expensive insurance premiums.
  • You have access to ALL healthcare services.
  • NO exclusions for age, chronic or pre-existing conditions.


Private Healthcare Services At Our Affordable Rates

  • GP's & Clinics.
  • Hospitals.
  • Dental clinics.
  • Diagnostic Life & Health Scans.
  • Lasik, IVF, cosmetic surgery & all specialists available... at your service!



Join Simple Care Today & Start Saving!

  • No rising insurance premiums.
  • Treatment rates reduced up to 72%.
  • No limit of use.
  • No exclusions for age or pre-existing conditions.
  • Your annual dental check is included.
  • Selected network of private healthcare providers available and at your service... when you need them!


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